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Metal Treating Processes

Metal treating processes that Braddock provides are listed below. In addition, Braddock can perform special pre- and post-treating operations, including special finishing, parts assembly, and more. Call us to discuss your unique processing needs.

Aluminum Heat Treating

Black Nitride

Black Nitride-Stainless

Annealing Bright Hardening

Carbon Restoration

Carburizing & Carbonitriding

Continuous Production Heat Treating

Cryogenics & Stabilization

Ductile Iron

Furnace Brazing

Honeycomb Seal Brazing Specialists

Induction Heat Treating and Scanning

Precipitation and Age Hardening

Steam Treating. Stress Relieving

Vacuum High Pressure Quenching

Vacuum Tempering

FNC-Ferritic Nitro-Carburizing

Flame Hardening

High Speed Steel & Exotic Alloy Hardening

Hot Oil Quenching

Neutral Hardening


Non-Ferrous Heat Treating


Precipitation & Age Hardening

Solution Heat Treating

Non Destructive Testing – Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Engine Structural Integrity Program (ENSIP) PWA Certified FPI Source

Water Quenching

Vacuum Furnace Brazing

Honeycomb Powder Fill/Sintering

Super Systems Inc, “Super Data” Scada Software Data Acquisition AMS 2750E / CQI-9 Compliant