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State-of-the-Art Equipment

Braddock continually invests in its facilities to improve infrastructure, increase capabilities, update equipment and software, and to ensure safe working conditions and environmental stewardship. Our extensive inventory of equipment includes:

Surface Combustion Allcase® Batch Integral Quench Furnace Line with Companion Wash and Tempers

Surface Combustion Vacudraw® – Vacuum Tempering Furnaces 

Surface Combustion Positive Pressure Quench Vacuum Furnaces 

Surface Combustion RX® Gas Generators

Ipsen TurboTreater® High Pressure Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnaces

Ipsen TurboTreater® Convection Heated High Pressure Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnaces

VFS Vertical Bottom Loading Positive Pressure Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnaces 

AGF Rotary Retort Continuous Line with Integral Wash, Temper and Blackening 

Carbottom Furnaces: Anneal, Normalizing and Stress Relieving Furnaces 35′ and 21′ Long

Box Tip-Up Furnace with Integral Water Quench up to 17′ Long 

Grieve Fluorescent Penetrant Drying Oven 

Despatch Box Tempering Furnaces

Lindberg Pit Type Homocarb Furnaces

Leeds & Northrup Pit Tempers 

Goff Tumbleblast Equipment with Companion Dust Collectors 

Goff Spin-Hanger Blast Cabinet with Companion

Eitel Straightening Presses

Newage Fully Automated Microhardness Tester

Buehler Micromet Microhardness Testers

Leco Microhardness Testers

Newage Digital Versatron Hardness Testers

United Testing Systems Hardness Testers 

Buehler Eco-Met 250 Grinder / Polisher

Wilson Hardness Testers 

Tinius Olsen Brinnell Hardness Testers

King Portable Brinnell Hardness Testers