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Jacksonville facility has recently installed a new Cress C336 furnace

In order to keep up with growing demand for high quality heat treating, we’re proud to announce additional capacity at our Jacksonville facility.

This new furnace can operate at a continuous temperature from 600-1700°F with a uniformity range of ± 25°F (Class 5). It meets AMS 2750 instrumentation Type D requirements and also uses a nitrogen atmosphere to help keep parts from developing a heavy scale while heating.

Electric heating elements are embedded in the walls and door to provide uniform heating while a 6 bladed axial flow fan mounted in the roof circulates the air which helps control close temperature uniformity throughout the chamber.

The Cress C336 expands our ability to Anneal and Stress Relieve steel and aluminum, as well as Age and Normalize steel.

Work zone dimensions are 36” L/W/H.

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