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Daytona Beach, FL

Thank you for visiting the Braddock Metallurgical in Daytona Beach, Florida. We look forward to providing the information you need and the opportunity to become your heat-treating provider of choice.

Daytona Beach, FL

400 Fentress Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Tel: 386.267.0955

Local Office Contacts

Jeff Young
General Manager

Ian Richards
Quality Assurance Manager

Equipment Available

• Surface Combustion Integral Quench Furnace Line

• Surface Combustion & Ipsen Positive Pressure Vacuum Furnaces

• Wisconsin Aerospace Certified Tempers

• Nitrex Pit Nitride Furnace with Kn Control and FNC & Post Oxidation Capabilities

• L&N Pit Nitride Furnaces with FNC & Post Oxidation Capabilities

• Reeco Gantry/Drop Bottom Aluminum Polymer Quench Solution Treating Furnace

• Grieve Walk-In Aging Furnaces

• KVA Automated Induction with Single Shot or Scan

• Zion Automated Induction Systems

• Cybertech Progressive Flame Hardening System

• Pop Top Stress Relieve Box Furnace

• Spray Booth for PTFE Coating

• Mae/Eitel PLC Controlled with SPC Fully Automated Straightening Press 50 ton with Qass Crack Detection

• Eitel Stroke Controlled Straightening Presses

• Goff Automated Spin Hanger and Tumble Blast Cleaning Systems

• Glass Bead Hand Blaster

• Cryogenic Freezer Capable of -300F

• Complete Metallurgical Lab, including Automatic Polishing and automated Microhardness Tester

• SSI SCADA Software Total Plant Overview

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