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Braddock Metallurgical-Daytona, Daytona Beach, FL

•New KVA 80 KW dual spindle scanner and new 6 position index table
•New Proceco Stainless Steel Parts Washer, Rinse and Integral Dry
•New United Process Control State of the Art 39” x 99” Nitride Pit Furnace complete with Kn Control for nitriding, FNC as well as Post Oxidation.
•New United Process Control Panel to upgrade existing nitride capabilities with state of the art gas control and KN control.
•Braddock Metallurgical-Daytona has added Braddock Black Nitride (BBN) and Braddock Black Nitride on Stainless Steel (BBN-S) to its list of capabilities.
•To validate and support the new BBN, BBN-S and FNC capabilities a new Salt Spray Cabinet was purchased and installed in lab
•NEC Networked Phone System
•A state of the art, Qass Crack Detection System was installed on an Eitel Stroke Controlled Straightening Press. The Qass Crack Detection System is said to be the standard in the field of crack detection. This Non Destructive Testing Device automatically monitors the straightening process for cracking and breaking of transmission shafts for a major US motorcycle manufacturer.

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