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Braddock Metallurgical-Atl, Atlanta, GA

•Remodel front office complete with conference room.
•NEC Networked Phone System
•Remodel and upgrade of Metallurgical Lab complete with Buehler Automatic Polisher, Leco Mounting Press and Mitutoyo Hardness Testers.
•Installed New 36” Wisconsin Temper Furnace Aerospace Certified
•New Proceco Stainless Steel Parts Washer, Rinse and Integral Dry
•New United Process Control State of the Art 39” x 84” Nitride Pit Furnace complete with Kn Control for nitriding, FNC as well as Post Oxidation.
•New Gorbel Overhead Crane System
•Braddock Metallurgical-Atl has added Braddock Black Nitride (BBN) and Braddock Black Nitride on Stainless Steel (BBN-S) to its list of capabilities.

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