State-of-the-Art Production Heat-Treating Capabilities...

Superior Service
Our entire team is committed to providing reliable performance you can count on. We guarantee our work.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Processes
We have the latest heat-treating systems, control instrumentation, processes, and testing procedures. This results in precise, repeatable high-performance products.

Rigid Quality Control
Quality representatives and staff metallurgists oversee strict quality control and documentation standards.

Improved Products
Tight control of depth and process specifications results in fewer rejects and better product durability. Control standards are run, tracked, and documented with each furnace load, providing better control of individual products.

Reliable Service and Production
You can count on our commitment. We produce what we promise and promise what we produce. We are experts at arranging shipping and expediting services to process your parts fast and get them back to you when you need them.

Special Services
We can help you with your needs for special services. For example, parts that require minimal distortion are positioned in a rack by hand. Our large car bottom furnaces can handle even the largest parts. We can assemble your parts or do special finishing or other steps for you.

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